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Nowadays, there are more and more translation companies. Do you know what the methods to save translation cost in Beijing translation company? I don't know what friends are going to listen to the introduction of the small editor!


1. first consider the final result


Before seeking professional document translation services, consider what you want to translate and how you use it. For example, if you are translating your site, take the time to determine the pages that really need to be translated. By carefully browsing your website and pointing out which pages are critical to communicating with international audiences and which are not, you will only pay for the pages you need, without translating the entire site.


Also, consider how your target language affects the layout and design of documents or websites and how you want to solve the problem, especially if the language's reading direction is not from left to right. By considering these types of "results" issues in advance, you can update and adjust the source files, thus improving the overall quality of translation and reducing the translation cost.


The type of document will also accurately determine what and how it is to be translated. For example, most translators will deal with medical records and birth certificates in a different way than a brochure or instruction manual.


2. make your work translatable


In translation, the writing style of the original document is very important. Documents containing acronyms, oral and cultural references will not be available worldwide and require more energy for professional translators. In addition, cultural references need to be eliminated to avoid misunderstanding or even offend your target audience.


This is part of localization and is provided by professional document translation services. Localization is a way to fine tune messages so that, while still delivering the necessary information, audiences can accept and sound natural. It also includes correcting local language nuances that exist in the same language but vary from region to region. When you know something about it, you will be able to write code better so that translators can handle your messages more easily.


Long sentences are difficult to translate accurately, so the cost is higher. For document translation services, it is usually priced by word - each word is important. Writing in simple, short sentences, avoiding jargon or words with multiple meanings, and conveying a single idea in each sentence will help reduce costs and improve accuracy. It will also help to reduce the project turnover time of professional translators.


3. keep language consistent


When translation is needed, it can be expensive to use four different synonyms for the same thing. Instead, use template text as much as possible and align key phrases and technical terms throughout the document. Most professional document translation services use translation memory to manage translation projects. When the software encounters words, phrases or template text that have been used, it automatically inserts the text translated previously for the translator to check, accept or modify.


In the long run, this customer specific glossary is also excellent because it improves translation efficiency and accuracy and your preferences can be added to the company's database. It also ensures that you spend less time reviewing the project after receiving the full translation, as you can ensure that the correct language used within the company is applied to your translation project.

  翻译服务不仅可以减少重复内容的费用,还可以提高翻译过程的效率,使您更快地完成项目。翻译记忆库可以为 大型翻译项目节省数小时甚至数天的时间,可节省大量资金。

Translation services not only reduce the cost of duplicate content, but also improve the efficiency of the translation process, so that you can complete the project faster. Translation memory can save hours or even days for large translation projects, and can save a lot of money.


4. consider the design of translation


If you want the layout of the translated document to be similar to the original design, you need to design enough space in the original document. Compared with most other languages, English is a compact language, which means that almost all other target languages need more space to speak the same sentence. Cattle force ranslators to get used to this, but if this is your first experience with document translation, the concept of text extension may be new to you.


Not allowing enough space in document design will increase the cost of the translation. For example, if your PowerPoint Presentation text box already contains copies, professional translators will have to spend time and effort reformatting them to fit longer translation copies. The time required will be reflected in your project cost. By leaving enough space, when you format the document for the first time, the whole translation process is smoother and cheaper, and ensure that the document retains its original appearance and feel.


5. create your source file with the correct tools

微软 Word适用于简短的文档,但是如果您要编写一本冗长的手册,则对适当的发布或图形App应用程序的投资是值得的。它不仅将是更容易布置和设计源文件(微软 Word是臭名远扬的气质,当谈到格式的大型文件),它也将使它更加容易和更快的任何翻译企业来处理格式问题通常是翻译的副产品。

微软 word is suitable for short documents, but if you are writing a lengthy manual, it is worth investing in the appropriate publishing or graphics software applications. It will not only be easier to arrange and design source files (微软 word is notorious, when it comes to large files in format), it will also make it easier and faster for any translation company to deal with format issues, which are usually by-products of translation.


It is also important to always provide the source files to translate. If active files, most translation companies can copy the standard file format and the location of the graphics.


Sending scanned images as PDF files to the document translation service prevents the translation provider from correctly formatting the document. This will also greatly affect your project cost and the appearance of the final translation. Locked PDF files can be expensive at the same time, because translation may require a complete re encryption of the document.


Ensuring that documents that need to be translated are created from the beginning to ensure success will help keep the translation within the budget.


6. use of professional knowledge of translation services


Many professional document translation services not only have the professional knowledge of translating documents, but also have the professional knowledge of formatting translated documents to copy the appearance of source files. This extra service is usually worth it. Even if you have a designer or agent at hand, a professional linguist may not have experience.


They may not have the right software version and may not be able to determine the right location for line breaks or other key format issues that need to understand the target language. Having your translation provider finalize the format will improve the overall quality of the document. And, in the case of ISO certification, it may even be necessary. By delivering the final document, it also enables translation providers to control all aspects of quality completely.


By planning ahead, you will not only make the process easier for you and your translation partners, but you will also be able to keep your costs down and keep consistent in all your documents.

  北京智联文通翻译企业提供专业的文档翻译服务,包括准确的翻译,本地化,格式化,编辑和校对。大家的母语专家也是许多高科技行业的主题专家。在致力于 保持大家高质量结果和ISO认证的专职项目经理的引导下,大家的文档翻译服务是首屈一指的。

Beijing Zhilian Wentong translation company provides professional document translation services, including accurate translation, localization, formatting, editing and proofreading. Our native language experts are also subject experts in many high-tech industries. Our document translation service is the first in the lead under the guidance of a dedicated project manager dedicated to maintaining our high quality results and ISO certification.


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